Saturday, September 24, 2005

Prayer List for September 25, 2005

In Our Prayers This Week:

During our Daily Offices and mid-week worship, we will remember these concerns, people and ministries. We ask you to include them in your prayers this week.

Pray for the Anglican Communion especially Rowan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Frank, our Presiding Bishop and give thanks for the Diocese of South Carolina.

Pray for the Diocese of Bethlehem, especially Paul, our Bishop and St. Anne’s Church, Trexlertown.

Pray for our partner diocese of Kajo-Keji in the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, especially The Congregation at Sokare and our adopted schools: Kerwa and Mondikolok Primary Schools.

Pray for our Mission of the Month: Learning Zone at the Salvation Army.

Pray for those who hold us in their prayers, especially Br. Frederick Bond, Solitary.

Pray for our nation and all in authority: George our president, Ed our governor, and all in positions of public trust.

Pray for those who serve our country in the armed forces at home and abroad, especially Joseph Benedetto, Rob Caplette, Will McCabe, Chris Motsek, Joshua Orndorff and Erik Rautenburg.

Pray for peace and an end to war especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Western Sudan and between Israel and Palestine. Remember those who have been killed, wounded and displaced in war. Pray for all refugees, prisoners and all who are in danger.

Pray for our congregation Michael Nightingale; Delores Nixon; Velda & Clare Noto; Robert & Anne Nourse; Robert, Rose, Alexander & Ethan Nourse; Michael & Rosie O’Brien; Peter, Nina, Robert & Peter Olieman; Donald, Elizabeth, Graeme & Robert Olson and Opeyemi Opeolsa.

Pray for Dylan Jeffrey Miggins baptized into your one holy, catholic and apostolic church.

Pray for our congregations’ several ministries, especially our lay leaders, clergy and staff, Ark Soup Kitchen and our Youth Group.

Pray for the sick and those who care for them: Ginna Kogler, Kathleen Caporicci, Ruth Satre, Dan Lichtenwalner, Connie Doran, James Crabtree, Joan Rumfield, Sister Patricia Michael, Chip, Charlotte Bilder, Rebecca Gibbs, Dana Slingland, Joe Godfrey, Mary Burpree.

Pray for those who have died: The loved ones of the Morrison, Cahill & Ghignone families (in whose memory the Altar flowers are given); Richard Kohrs and Roma-Mary Seyfried (for whom the Sanctuary Lamp burns.)

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