Saturday, October 22, 2005

e-Citadel for October 22, 2005

Current and Upcoming

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS NEXT SUNDAY! Set Clocks back one hour next Saturday night!

New Directory Coming Soon! There is a mock-up of the new directory at the back of the church. Please look up your name and make sure info is correct. Also, a sign up sheet is there for you to enter your email address. Please indicate if you wish this info to be published in the directory or if you would prefer it only be used for the e-Citadel.

Altar Guild Chapel Candles: may be given as memorials, thanksgivings or blessings. (Cost is $20/month.) Please speak to an Altar Guild member.

Office Hours and Coverage: Sr. Patricia Michael’s hours in the office are this week: Monday-Friday from 9 – Noon. Patty also continues to do work from her home.

Financial Audit begins this week. Canons require a minimum of a complete audit once every three years and a financial review in the intervening years. Our auditors are scheduled to begin Tuesday, October 25th.

Parish Election Results: Vestry Class of 2008: Carol Speirs, Michael Collins, Pat Lockard and Anne Szlivko. Delegates to Diocesan Convention: Karen Lohrman and Helen Forshaw. Nominating Committee: David Reed and Dick Morrison. Thank you to all who were nominated and thank you to all who voted.

Mission & Outreach News

Redners Tapes – Please remember that the entire tape is needed for this refund AND You MUST have a Redners discount card in order for this to work. Thanks! Questions? Call Sally Morrison 610-253-8263.

UPDATED ProJeCt Wish List: Items currently in need are Beef stew, macaroni & cheese, canned fruit, juice, peanut butter, jelly, healthy cereals, tuna fish, pancake mix & syrup. Non-food items: can openers, paper & plastic bags. Cash donations are always gladly accepted every – $1 donated will purchase approximately $15 worth of food from Second Harvest. Donations of food may be put in the basket at the rear of church.

Socks and Undies—We are still collecting socks or undies for children in the basket at the rear of the church. We need any size (6 to 14) boys or girls underwear and socks (any kids’ sizes). At the end of October, we will deliver these to local social service providers.

ERD is the November Mission of the Month -- Jack Moulton, the diocesan ERD Coordinator will be our speaker at the November 6 Adult Forum to bring us up to date on ERD activities. Our plan is to simply extend our ERD emphasis straight through the end of November. Needs are great all over the globe. Please continue your generosity.

Adult Formation and Parish Life News

Coming Out, Coming In TODAY (Sunday, 10/23): We’ll watch the video of the same and consider the experience of Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Trans-gendered people of faith who desire to be both out and open, and part of the Church. Participants of the first forum today will view a 30 minute video showing Gay and Lesbian persons who tell their stories about their coming out in the Church. The video is intended to provoke questions and dialogue among people of the Church and with the LGBT community. NEXT WEEK, October 30, will feature Gay and Lesbian persons who will tell their own experiences of coming out in the Church. Forum participants will have an opportunity to talk to each other about the role of the Church in the lives of LGBT persons. Featured among the panel will be Charles Versaggi, Jr., Director of Applications Development at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. and a life-long Roman Catholic; Dixie White, co-founder of Integrity of Bethlehem and a life-long Episcopalian; and Kelly Cannon, Head Librarian at Muhlenberg College and a former member of the Mormon Church.

Youth Group News

Starting Sunday November 13th, Trinity's Youth Group will meet at 5 p.m. in the Charney Room and moving over to the sanctuary during the meeting on the Second Sunday of every month. That's not the only change! From then on youth group will be a brand new experience for everyone. Meetings will be more experiential. Also, youth will help staff Sitgreaves' Coffeehouse. After the meeting, we'll have a quick dinner before helping out with the coffeehouse set up. During the coffeehouse itself any youth willing to stay are encouraged to help out even more by doing things such as watching doors, answering any questions people may have, monitoring food, and helping with any other tasks that may come up. You'll even get a t-shirt that clearly identifies you as a Sitgreaves' Coffeehouse staff member. We want to hear what's on your mind There will be a block of time during the meeting that will allow you to contribute to group discussions about topics you want to talk about. Please come to the first meeting on Sunday November 13th, and let us know you're coming before November 6th so we know how much pizza to order. Contact Rob Gerns, (610)252-7645 or

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