Thursday, May 25, 2006

General Convention News and Opinion Links

Here is Fr. Nick Knisely’s list of news outlets on the internet and blogs that will be helpful in the lead up to, during and after General Convention. You may type these into Google, or go to the our parish blog ( and click on the links.

News Outlets:

· Episcopal News Service

· The Living Church

· Anglicans Online News Centre

· Thinking Anglicans

On the "Progressive" side

· The Blog of Daniel (Watch this one particularly - it is in the process of being redesigned.)

· The Witness

· Father Jake Stops the World

· The Anglican Scotus

· An Inch at a Time

· In A Godward Direction

· The Questioning Christian

On the "Conservative" side

· Titus One Nine

· Drell's Descants

· GetReligion

· Stand Firm


· American Anglican Council

· Virtue Online News Center

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