Friday, June 16, 2006

Keeping up with General Convention

Every evening a video newsprogram is produced by the Episcopal News Service. It is carried on the in-house TV channels in the hotels that are official hotels of the Convention. It is also available on line through either Windows media player of Real Player.

It is available in both English and Spanish.

Here is how you can watch it:

Here is a summary of other ways you can stay up to date from Bill Lewellis, Diocese of Bethlehem Communications officer:

Two of our clergy deputies at General Convention have been posting reports on their blogs several times daily. Anyone who seeks some flavor of what’s going on in Columbus from a deputy’s point of reference/view will get just that if they read Andrew Plus, the blog of Andrew Gerns, rector of Trinity, Easton, and Entangled States, the blog of Nick Knisely, rector of Trinity Church, Bethlehem.

Then there’s the special GC site provided by Episcopal News Service, a great service where you can download the Convention Daily newspaper and watch the Convention Nightly newscast.

Other helpful blogs are Preludium by Mark Harris, EpiscoPod where podcasts may be provided, Daily Episcopalian of the Diocese of Washington, and Father Jake Stops the World.

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