Friday, October 20, 2006

Safe Harbor: Dollars for a Dishwasher

October Mission of the Month…Safe Harbor…Ingathering October 29

We heard a story at our Forum on the 15th which may encourage you either to return your SH envelope now, or perhaps send a little additional if you’ve already given. You may or may not know that this local support organization was hit not once, but twice, by the recent floods. They had to replace floors, parts of walls, heating ducts, plumbing, wiring, etc., etc. The heartbreak was that what they replaced this summer was almost all the new materials that had recently been installed. Insurance covered some the second time (the City owns the building), but there are always the extras. They have now, on top of all the other expenses, been required to replace – at considerable cost - their aging industrial dishwasher, which, as you can imagine is essential to their operation. We thought we might be able to defray at least a major part of that expense by asking our generous parishioners for some “Dollars for the Dishwasher”. Safe Harbor is a temporary shelter and place where many folks are assisted in returning to a healthier, more productive life. SH works very hard at maximizing their own financial health in order to be able to assist as many of “the least and lost” as possible in a multitude of ways. We hope you will respond in your usual generous fashion to this “extra” request. Either use a Safe Harbor envelope, or clearly mark your offering when you send it to the Church. Thanks so much!

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