Monday, June 30, 2008

In Our Prayers This Week

Updated: August 24, 2008
Week of The Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year A

During our Daily Offices and mid-week worship, we will remember these concerns, people and ministries. We ask you to include them in your prayers this week.

Pray for the Anglican Communion, especially Rowan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Katharine, our Presiding Bishop, and the clergy and people of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

Pray for the Diocese of Bethlehem, especially Paul our Bishop, John our Assistant Bishop, The Diocesan House Ministry Team and our partner Diocese of Kajo-Keji in the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, especially Karekabi Parish and our adopted school, Loopo Primary School.

Pray for those who hold us in their prayers, especially Sr. Marcia Hobart, Anchoress.

Pray for our nation and all in authority: George our president, Ed our governor, and all in positions of public trust.

Pray for those who serve our country in the armed forces at home and abroad, especially Rob Caplette, Will McCabe, Chris Motsek, Joshua Orndorff, Paul Cataldi, Heather Cataldi, Samantha Sandt, Gabriel Gonzalez, Michael Ashby and Jesse Hauze.

Pray for peace and an end to war, Pray for peace and for the victims of violent conflict anywhere in the world. Pray for those who work for peace.

Pray for our congregation, especially: Andrew our rector, Wayne, Postulant and for all members of our parish; Norma Johnson; Carol Jones; George Jones; Peter Junker; Joseph & Michelle Kamin; Maureen Kane, Jacob Lacorte; Thomas, Lisa & Logan Kase and Robert & Cherie Kavanaugh.

Pray for our congregations’ several ministries, especially our lay leaders, clergy and staff; our Music Ministry, The Care Circle and our Mission of the Month, ProJeCt.

Pray for the sick, those in special need and those who care for them: Ginna Kogler, Joe Godfrey, Doris Pierce, Hazel Kogler, George Slezak, Rose Sandt, Ron & Gail Williams, Sr., John Garvey, Heather Todak, Dick Cline, Julia Burns, George Marion, Jr., Terry Motsek, Ada Mae Sardegna, William Doyle, Carl Woronowicz, Jean Wadnik, Chuck Harding, Alexis Lockard, William Hazzard, Sue Scott, Phoebe Deck, Jan Wedderman, Prudence Long, Fr. Jeffrey Funk, Adele Hartman, Robert Sandt, Laura Miscavage, David Evans, Daniel Gallagher, Carmen Wilson, Fr. Stephen Marsteller, Harold Locke, James Arrizzo, Jr., George Marion, Sr., Donna Watson, Jim Yedlock, Charles Potocek, Kay and Jim Gill, Carolyn Cushman, Mary & Andrea, Pat Lockard, Tammy Gordon, Ann Thornton, Amy Williamson, John Gumpy and Sue.

Pray for the homebound and shut-in: Winifred McCluskey, Trudy Hunter, Bob & Phoebe Deck, Marcia Hobart, Bertha Long, Carol Jones, Mim Conine, James & Dorothy Stitt, Jean McCray, Martha Stout, John & Peggy Garvey and Mildred Piatt.

Pray for those who have died: Howard Swick, William & Lillian Swick (for whom the altar flowers have been given) and Kenneth Kohler, Joseph P. Corona Sr. and Robert W. Hughes (for whom the Sanctuary Lamp burns) and Victor Marshall.

Pray for our young men and women who died recently in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families: Adam T. McKiski, 21; Stewart S. Trejo, 25; Michael H. Ferschke Jr., 22; James M. Hale, 23; Daniel A. C. McGuire, 19; Jacob J. Toves, 27; Kristopher D. Rodgers, 29; Janelle F. King, 23; Donald C. Carwile, 29; Paul E. Conlon Jr., 21; Jonathan L. Luscher, 20 (of Scranton); for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who have died, unnamed and unknown to us, and their families ... and for an end to war.

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