Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Church School raises $1850 for New Hope

The Church School at Trinity Easton has a missionary offering every program year. They undertake a small fundraiser or two, but mainly they collect spare change from their alowances, their families and fellow parishioners at Trinity from mid-September through May.

The 2007-08 Church School Missionary Offering was designated for the New Hope Campaign. At both Sunday services, children from the church would take turns collecting small change in two specially made "school houses," made by Trinitarian Carmen LoBaido Wilson to underscore that one of the tasks of New Hope is to rebuild school buildings in Kajo-Keji. At each service, the children would present their gifts at the altar along with the regular offerings of money and food, bread and wine.

During the year in class, they learned about Loopo Primary School, our adopted school, and other activities to learn about the Diocese of Kajo-Keji.

When Bishop Paul came to visit on April 20th, he was presented a check for $664, which was collected up through Easter. But they weren't done. The Church School collected a total $1850 for New Hope through this year's Church School Missionary offering.

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