Thursday, March 10, 2011

World Mission Sunday: Trinity New Hope Primary School.

During our capital campaign, we built nine classrooms…one of which was in Easton. We built two kitchens…one in Easton. We built a library, a faculty dormitory and offices, too; but not in Easton, in a little village in Kajo-Keji, Southern Sudan called Sodogo. When we tithed our capital campaign to New Hope, we joined with the rest of the Diocese of Bethlehem and paid a significant portion of the cost of this new school. This past winter, the Trinity New Hope Primary School was opened and Charlie Barebo was there for the dedication. Come to church this coming Sunday and hear about the Trinity New Hope Primary School, see pictures of the school and the children who attend it and learn how our ministry and generosity become a blessing to people across the globe! Charlie will preach and present pictures at the 8 and 10:30 service and will be at the coffee hours to answer questions.

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