Saturday, December 08, 2012

Desks and Chairs for Trinity New Hope Primary School

Celebrating thirty years of ordained ministry.

Thirty years ago, on December 18th, I was ordained a priest at St. Paul's Church in Willimantic, Connecticut. Thirty years is a long time. It is a time I cherish-filled with challenge, growth and many, many blessings. But how best to celebrate?
Instead of a cake or a knick-knack or book or a plaque, I would love to fill our adopted school, Trinity-New Hope Primary School in Sodogo, Kajo-Keji, South Sudan, with desks and chairs!

We pray for our sisters and brothers in Sodogo every day. Our relationship with the people of Sodogo has changed us. But there's more to be done. "Our" school needs desks!

So, from now through December 31, 2012, I am inviting you to contribute to my campaign to provide desks to Sodogo Primary School. $60 provides one desk and one chair, $1200 fills a classroom, $9200 furnishes the school. Any amount is welcome.

As for me, I will give thanks to God for all the blessings I've received in His service by furnishing a classroom. I hope you will join me in doing what you can to help "our adopted kids" to have a desk and a chair in their very own classroom.

Send a check payable to Trinity Episcopal Church, writing "Desks" on the memo line. You can also donate online by going to and then click on the line "Father Andrew Gerns' 30th Ordination Anniversary."

Before the New Hope Campaign, the kids of Sodogo went to school under a tree. After Trinity's Capital Campaign-where we both built our own classroom and kitchen and helped the people of the Diocese of Bethlehem build a school-the kids of Sodogo now go to school in real classrooms! I am very proud of our parish for how you did the unimaginable--tithing our capital campaign to build a school!

Please join in the celebration!

Thank you and God bless you!


A Note from Bishop Anthony Poggo

Dear Father Andrew,

Congratulation that you will be marking 30 years of ordination.

It is good to read that you have dedicated any gifts towards on this occasion towards Trinity Primary School in Sodogo. This is very much appreciated. I am sure that the good Lord will bless your efforts in the campaign to raise funds towards the needed desks and other needed in the school.

Thanks +Anthony

From Glad Tidings, the e-newsletter of Trinity, Easton.

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