Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sermon: God Does Very Big Things in Very Small Ways

I confess to you, my sisters and brothers, and to the whole church in heaven and on earth, a vice so ingrained and so habitual that no amount of therapy and operant conditioning seems to be able to cure it: I am addicted to trashy religious television.

Last night I saw another installment in the movie version of “The Left Behind” series. I didn't mean to. I just landed on it while channel surfing. This may have been part two or three, I couldn’t tell. But you know you’re in trouble when the Big Star in the picture is Mr. T.

God help me, I love it. Pray for me.

Two things occurred to me before I forced myself to change the channel to something wholesome, like C-Span:

First, to paraphrase the late Canon F. Bryan Williams (who has gone to the nearer presence of our Lord not ten days ago) “There is no trash like religious trash.”

Second, Christians are often fooled into thinking that since God is God, and Bigger than Big, then God must only work in Very Big Ways.

Read it all.

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