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e-Citadel: Friday, June 2, 2006

Calendar and Announcements
The next Citadel will be published Wednesday June 28, 2006! The deadline for this print version is Sunday, June 25!
The e-Citadel goes out weekly during the program year, with updates as needed, so submissions for this may be made at any time.
Submissions via Parish Office, “in-boxes” or via

Sunday, June 4
8:00 AM – Holy Eucharist
9:00 AM – Bible Study-
9:15 AM – Church School
9:15 AM – Adult Forum-
Charney Rm.
9:15 AM – Confirmation
Classes-Ed. Bldg, 2nd Fl.
10:00 AM – Choir
10:30 AM – Holy Eucharist
5:00 PM – Care Circle

Monday, June 5
7:00 PM – Sitgreaves
Action Cmte.-Charney Rm.

Tuesday, June 6

Wednesday, June 7
Ember Wednesday
12:10 PM – HE & Healing

Thursday, June 8
5:00 PM – Altar Guild
Dinner-Conine Hall

Friday, June 9
Ember Friday
7:00 PM – AA -Conine Hall

Saturday, June 10
Ember Saturday
Noon – Ark Soup Kitchen
5:00 PM – Holy Eucharist/

Sunday, June 11
Trinity Sunday
8:00 AM – Holy Eucharist
9:00 AM – Bible Study-
9:15 AM – Adult Forum-
Charney Rm.
9:15 AM – Church School
9:15 AM – Confirmation
Classes-Ed. Bldg, 2nd Fl.
10:00 AM – Choir
10:30 AM – Holy Eucharist
Noon – Trinity Feast!
7:00 PM – Sitgreaves
Coffee House-Conine Hall

Current and Upcoming
  • We thank all our readers who read the lesson in languages other than English!
  • Last Church School Sunday Today is the last day of Church School for the year.
  • Gifts Discovery Workshops to be held 6/4 through 6/25 from 9:15-10:15 AM: Please sign-up at the Mission Table at the rear of the Church and Chapel. Please sign up soon so we can provide adequate materials for all. Thanks.
  • Trinity Feast! Sign up on the chart at the back of the church and help us celebrate our Feast Day Sunday, June 11 after the 10:30 service.
  • Knitting for Seamen: Make someone’s Christmas merrier when they are on the high seas and away from family at Christmas. The Diocesan Convention will again be colleting hats, vests, scarves and socks to send to the Christmas-at-Sea program of the Seamen’s Church Institute. You can get the patterns at
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game – Trinity is planning a trip to Scranton for a minor league baseball game on Saturday, June 10. Game time is 7 pm. We will meet in the church parking lot and car pool to the game. Tickets are $7.00. Sign up in the rear of the church at the Mission Tables or contact Pete Olieman (
  • BAKERS NEEDED: Please sign up to supply baked or store bought goods for both the 8:00 and 10:30 coffee hours\in Conine Hall above the coffee pots.
  • Sitgreaves Coffeehouse 1 Year Anniversary! Heritage Day will be the first anniversary of Sitgreaves Coffeehouse. A planning meeting for Anniversary and beyond is set up for tomorrow Monday, June 5 at 7 pm. Speak to Rob Fedorsczyk (, 610-252-1331) or Rob Gerns (, 610-252-7645), Peg Gerns ( if you are interested in helping us build this ministry!
  • Prayer Companions A member of the Spirituality Circle is available after each service to be prayerful companionship with anyone. Meet us at the front pew in front of the pulpit after the Saturday evening and both Sunday morning services.
  • ProJeCt Food Pantry: Items currently in need: canned potatoes, beef stew, 12 or 18 oz. jars of jelly, & soup. Cash donations are always gladly accepted every – $1 donated will purchase approximately $15 worth of food from Second Harvest. Donations of food may be put in the basket at the rear of church.
  • PRAYER VIGIL FOR EASTON—The Interfaith Clergy of Easton and the Downtown Covenant Council of Churches will hold a prayer vigil for the City of Easton on Wednesday, June 7 from 7 to 7:45 p.m. at Riverside Park—off Larry Holmes Drive. We will pray for the welfare and unity our city, for an end to violence, for the safety of our young people and the for just and proper of our city’s resources for all our citizens. Please come as we gather the faith community of our city churches, including suburban residents, in prayer for Easton.
  • 1 DATE STILL OPEN FOR FLOWER SPRAY: Flower Sprays—June 11. Sprays are $40 and Lynn’s will bill you directly.
Heritage Day, July 9, 2006:
This will be a very big day for Trinity with lots going on!
o Please contribute to the purchase of food and supplies for the concession stand. The more we receive “up front” the great our fundraising impact will be!
We need your help in other ways:
o Tours of the Church & Trinity Store
o Tea on the Lawn (10 am)
o Concession stand, set-up, clean-up and sales. (Noon-10 pm)
o Sitgreaves Coffeehouse (7-9 pm)
o Ecumenical Community Service at Trinity! (10:30 am)
Please speak to Bruce & Donna Meneeley (610-253-9802) or Maryann Corona (610-285-2716) if you have any questions or can help in anyway!

Bishops Days in the Summer
Three fun summer days with food, activities and worship for all ages! See for more information. Forms on the Mission Table in the back of Church or Chapel.
o With Adults: July 1 – Fatima Retreat Center near Scranton 8:30 am- 3:30 pm, $25. Registration deadline: June 15
o With Youth: July 15 - Spruce Lake Retreat, Canadensis, 10 am – 3 pm, $10. Early registration: June 15, late registration: July 1. For young people 7 grade thru graduation.
o With Kids: The Lion, The Bishop and the Wardrobe South: July 22, Cathedral in Bethlehem, 9 am – 3:30 pm. $10. Registration Deadline: June 15.

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