Friday, December 29, 2006

A Child of Might- Pageant, 2006

These pictures were taken on the evening of Christmas Eve, 2006 just before the 5 p.m. service at Trinity Episcopal Church in Easton, PA in the Diocese of Bethlehem.

The Pageant this year was "A Child of Might" by Gretchen Wolf Prichard.

Note a few special moments. The Appleman family all were in the pageant, with Luke playing "Baby Jesus," Jensen playing "Mary" and Jeff playing "Joseph." Drew, Karrie and Shae all played Shepherds.

We were happy to have back in our parish Fr. Samuel Jinadu, retired preist of the Church of Nigeria. He bravely took on the role of "God"--and dressed the part!

Gretchen Reed played the role of "Angel Gabriel." Many other people took part as well. The play was directed by Terry Gangaware with the help of Barb McCarthy.

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